KISS on My List!

On Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM Volume show Trunk Nation, he revealed his Top 20 KISS songs and asked musicians to post theirs. I’m posting those below!

Here, I’m going to list my Top 20! Post yours in the comments or Tweet me @SonicRev!

Sonic Revelation’s KISS Top 20

20. I

19. Baby Driver

18. 2,000 Man

17. Goin’ Blind

16. I Was Made For Lovin’ You

15. Rocket Ride

14. God of Thunder

13. Two Timer

12. Firehouse

11. Take Me

10. Love Her All I Can

9. Love Gun

8. I Stole Your Love

7. Deuce

6. 100,000 Years

5. Parasite

4. Strutter

3. Shock Me

2. Detroit Rock City

1. I Want You

As promised, here the lists from Eddie and others!

Eddie Trunk:

John 5

20. 100,000 years

19. Take Me

18. Hard Luck Woman

17. Almost Human

16. Love Her All I Can

15. I Want You

14. Strange Ways

13. Shock Me

12. I Love it Loud

11. Do You Love Me?

10. Torpedo Girl

9. War Machine

8. Rocket Ride

7. Rock Bottom

6. Parasite

5. Mr. Speed

4. Detroit Rock City

3. Black Diamond (Alive!)

2. Deuce

1. Goin’ Blind

Tom Morello

20. War Machine

19. Heaven’s on Fire

18. Goin´ Blind

17. 100,000 Years (Alive!)

16. I Stole Your Love

15. Cold Gin (Alive!)

14. Calling Dr. Love

13. A World Without Heroes

12. Watchin’ You (Alive!)

11. C’mon and Love Me (Alive!)

10. Makin’ Love

9. Almost Human

8. Creatures of the Night

7. I Want You

6. Deuce (Alive!)

5. Love Gun

4. Rock and Roll All Nite (Alive!)

3. God of Thunder

2. Black Diamond (Alive!)

1. Detroit Rock City

Corey Taylor

20. Shout it out Loud

19. Deuce

18. Got to Choose

17. Creatures of the Night

16. God of Thunder

15. Black Diamond

14. Goin’ Blind

13. C´mon and Love Me

12. Parasite

11. Calling Dr. Love

10. Let Me Know

9. Sure Know Something

8. Watchin’ You

7. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll

6. Cold Gin

5. Shock Me

4. King of the Night Time World

3. 100,000 Years

2. She

1. Love Gun

Charlie Benante

20. Cold Gin

19. King of the Night Time World

18. Sweet Pain

17. All the Way

16. Nothin’ to Lose

15. See You in Your Dreams

14. Take Me

13. Watchin’ You (Alive!)

12. All American Man

11. Do You Love Me?

10. Room Service

9. Rock Bottom

8. I Stole Your Love

7. She

6. Got to Choose (Alive!)

5. Deuce (Alive!)

4. Calling Dr. Love (Double Platinum)

3. Detroit Rock City

2. Parasite (Alive!)

1. I Want You

Sebastian Bach

20. Anything for my Baby

19. She (Alive!)

18. Rocket Ride

17. Let Me Know

16. I Was Made for Lovin’ You

15. Naked City

14. Is That You?

13. Almost Human

12. Christine Sixteen

11. Deuce (Alive!)

10. God of Thunder

9. Flaming Youth

8. Rock Bottom

7. Strange Ways

6. Larger Than Life

5. All American Man

4. Love Her All I Can

3. All the Way

2. Calling Dr. Love

1. Take Me

Frank Bello (no order except for number 1)

Sweet Pain

Take Me

Cold Gin


Goin’ Blind

Detroit Rock City

Makin’ Love

Rocket Ride

Ladies Room

Love Gun

Comin’ Home

100,000 Years

Black Diamond

Flaming Youth


I Stole Your Love

Hard Luck Woman

Watchin’ You

Let Me Go, Rock and Roll

Number 1: Got to Choose

Chris Jericho (no order except for number 1)

Heaven’s On Fire

Who Wants to be Lonely


Sure Know Something

Heart of Chrome

Turn on the Night

I Just Wanna

A Million to One

Hide Your Heart

Love Gun

Dirty Livin’


Save Your Love

I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You

Room Service

Ladies Room (Alive II)

Makin’ Love (Alive II)

100,000 Years (Alive!)

War Machine

Number 1: Black Diamond (Alive!)

Hope you enjoyed reading these lists! Check Eddie Trunk’s Twitter to see more fan lists he’s retweeting and post yours in the comments or Tweet me @SonicRev!


Classical Classic Rock: Part Two

“God of Thunder” by KISS

Original Story: While Paul Stanley never refers to a specific myth throughout his lyrics, he includes many elements of Greek mythology in Gene Simmons’s signature song.

In the very beginning of the song, Stanley writes: “Daughter of Aphrodite / Hear my words and take heed.” Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) is the goddess of sexual love, making it appropriate for her to appear a KISS song. It is true that Aphrodite had daughters. There’s Beroe, daughter of Adonis and goddess of the city Beroe; Harmonia, daughter of Ares and goddess of Harmony; Adrestia, also a daughter of Ares and goddess of just revenge; Rhodos, daughter of Poseidon and goddess of Rhodes. Also, there’s a group of goddesses known as the CharitiesAglaea (“Splendor”), Euphrosyne (“Mirth”), and Thalia (“Good Cheer”). These are goddesses of charm, beauty and fertility and are said to be the daughters of Dionysus and Aphrodite, although they have also been attributed to Zeus and Eurynome. It’s uncertain which goddess Stanley was writing about, and it is likely that he may have not even had one in mind.

Stanley also references the home of the Greek gods and goddesses: “I was born on Olympus / To my father a son.” To the Greeks, this was a very real place. Check out the map below to see its location: Image result for mt olympus greece on map

In Greek mythology, Mt. Olympus is the home of the gods, and in reality, it is the highest mountain in Greece.

The title of the song “God of Thunder” may seem like a god that Stanley created for his song, but, although Simmons might argue with this, the actual god of Thunder is Zeus. Here’s how the story goes: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are all brothers, and after the Olympians (Zeus’ generation) defeated the Titans (the generation before him), the three brothers drew lots to decide who would rule each part of the world. Zeus chose the sky, Poseidon chose the sea, and Hades, who drew last, got left with the underworld. However, there is no god of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Greek myth (unless you count Sisyphus, but that’s a different kind of rock) and Simmons would likely be ecstatic to claim that title.

KISS’S Take: Overall, KISS uses allusions and elements of Greek myth to create an atmosphere that aligns with Gene Simmons’s demon character. However, they do not seem concerned with being accurate or staying faithful to the original stories. The characters that the founding members of KISS created are rooted in elements of fantasy and the fact that Stanley included myth in his lyrics is simply playing into that factor. KISS lyrics are typically, if not always, indicative of fun and partying (yes, partying EVERY DAY), and it would be out of character for KISS to start taking themselves seriously by using deep allusions in their lyrics. At the top of this post, I chose to include a live performance, rather than the studio version. Personally, I prefer the tempo of their live version, and let’s be honest, if you’re going to listen to KISS, you might as well listen to them in 1977, in Detroit Rock City.